Starting a Fitness Goal When You Don’t Feel Good About Yourself.

Creating and setting a fitness goal may fill you with one of two things; dread or excitement. Today I want to address those people who are just getting started with their fitness journey or those who want to achieve a new fitness goal.

My aim for this post is to give you some mental strategies that you can apply if you feel like you’ve hit a wall before you’ve even started.

The first few weeks will no doubt be an exciting time, you’ll feel motivated, committed and excited about the new changes that you plan to make. But I feel like there isn’t enough advice on how to mentally prepare yourself to start a goal that pushes you well and truly out of your comfort zone.

Firstly, I want to start by saying that feeling overwhelmed is a normal response to change. The thought of the effort required to make the necessary changes will feel over-whelming and off-putting. Acknowledge this feeling, but don’t fall at the first hurdle. Some find change easier to deal with than others, but the thing you need to focus on is that you’ve decided it’s time that you made the changes, and that is the best starting point.

Secondly, don’t let your starting point deter you from anything. We all have to start somewhere. On several occasions I have walked out of the gym because I felt weak and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I think this is the hardest part about getting started on any fitness goal; you have those ideas in your head of where you want to be, but what you see looking back at you in the mirror doesn’t match that. This is where you have to be head strong to push through that mental block. Who you want to be next week will be decided by who you are this week.

My final point is that any fitness goal should be seen as an act of self-love. Don’t create a battle against yourself, you’ve made the decisions to invest in your health and this only deserves to be celebrated. Work on that inner relationship with yourself, and believe me your hard work and self-belief will be the thing that will see you through. That and a little bit of patience πŸ˜‰

Getting started is tough but for your future self, keep pushing through.

For any questions on how to get started don’t hesitate to contact me,

Jazzy B xo


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